GET was born to answer a simple question - what would happen if they combined big thinking from the world of business, with deep insights from the field of psychology? Wife and husband team of Frances Bello, Clinical Psychologist, and André Bello, MBA, decided to find out. They focused on the core areas of business where human behaviour proved to be more important than operational processes. As a result, since 2008, they have created a series of future-proof publications, workshops and keynotes that can give anyone a professional advantage in their career - as the most valued skills to have shift from task management, to more conceptual skills.

Another key foundation of the GET team is to cultivate innovation through practical real-world experience. Frances is a practicing clinical psychologist, seeing clients in private practice, and André is currently an advisor, since he works full-time with one of the biggest brands in business, Virgin Atlantic Airways. Through collaborative partnerships with the best consultants in the world, GET ensures that they can find the exact expert to solve any personal performance challenge.

Our Workshops

GET is a Caribbean-based company, with partners in the United States and Europe. Their areas of specialty, in no particular order, are:

In addition, their IT partner, can automate any process, from creating a full "software as a service" (SaaS) solution, like their sales activity tool, to chatbots in your messaging platform.

Our Special Projects

GET has two special projects that are close to their hearts. The first is "Inventobook." This pocket journal is designed to help drive inventiveness and innovation, by giving you a step-by-step guide to the creative process that fits in your pocket.

The story in 2 minutes


Young people today need a different set of skills from what we're teaching them right now. Creativity, empathy and storytelling have already become more valued than technical skills, for both entrepreneurs and the employed. Ideas are the new currency, and Inventobook, as well as the resources on this site, provide a roadmap to innovative thinking. You can choose to buy a book, at which time we'll donate one on your behalf, or decide you want to help propel this movement forward by donating books to the organisation of your choice. Big ideas are already churning in the minds of the next generation. Let's help them get it done.

The other is their Coder Starter program that introduces coding and robotics to children between the ages of 8 and 12.

There are many children in the Caribbean who do not have exposure to the world of coding. We see this is a grave set-back for the region, and a missed opportunity to position our young people for the shift in the skills required to succeed today. With an understanding that the foundation of any program is the language of that world, our Coder Starter workshop delves into seven tenants or concepts around coding. It offers children the ability to learn these concepts in an immersive way that allows them to create programs and explore how they are executed.

Using the visual coding language, Blockly, the kids can direct two types of robots to perform actions, and get instant feedback on their programs in a fun and exciting way. While they don't get a view of the underlying javascript, this introduction to coding will ensure that they will quickly grasp the core principles of any coding language they decide to follow up with.

Our team

Curious by nature, driven by nurture, Frances has sought out and followed various career paths linked by one inscrutable purpose - how she could play a role in enriching the lives of others. Her first job after leaving high school was teaching small children. She then qualified as an Interior Decorator, and after working in a firm for several years, formed her own company designing interior spaces for homeowners and corporate clients across the region. Today, she is a Clinical Psychologist with a full-time practice in Barbados. Regardless of the career she's in, Frances has a personal mission to help others align with their best versions of themselves.

Her latest venture alongside her husband André, "Speak and Slide", is a perfect parallel to that purpose. Everyday, in some fashion, Frances helps her clients to consider the way they communicate with others. The ability to communicate effectively often lays the groundwork for so many of the situations we face in our everyday lives. This experience has led Frances to recognize the importance of competently and confidently expressing oneself. So, whether it is a presentation at work, or a discussion with their best friend, there is no doubt that communication is a critical element of all the interpersonal relationships we share. Stories provide the perfect vehicle to transport the meaning of our message to others, and allow us to be better understood.

Scott Hilton-Clarke has spent much of his 25-year career advising and inspiring senior executives and entrepreneurs to raise their level of personal and leadership effectiveness. He is the Founder of Inspiration Laboratories, a firm focused on advancing companies through building and harnessing their human capital.

Scott earned his MBA from Harvard University and his B.Sc. in Information Systems and Economics from New York University's Stern School of Business. Throughout his career, Scott has been engaged as a master facilitator, lecturer and speaker. Scott has facilitated sessions ranging from "managing promises" to "accelerated MBA programs." Scott is a self-proclaimed, "Inspiration Catalyst" and his life's work revolves around helping people identify and own their signature strengths and unique self expression.

Scott has engaged in a variety of public service roles, including Founding Member of the Board of Governors for the University of Trinidad and Tobago, Acting Vice Provost for the Academies at UTT, Member of the Board of Directors of the Harvard Business School Community Partners Program which was established to offer pro-bono consulting services to Non-Profit Organisations in South Florida. As part of the team launching TEDx in Trinidad, Scott was the inaugural host of TEDx Port-of-Spain in 2011 and TEDx speaker in 2014.

André is the Caribbean manager for Virgin Atlantic Airways. He co-founded GET with Frances in 2008 and acts as an advisor to the consultants in their team, bringing a practical business perspective to the development of their programs.

The question of how to improve performance through behavioral change has always intrigued André. In 2005, he completed his first book, "The Sword & The Spirit" a fable written to teach the skills he learned at Harvard Law School's Program on Negotiation (PON). Professor Lawrence Susskind of the PON says that André's book: "...illustrates more clearly what we mean by a 'mutual-gains approach to negotiation' than one hundred repetitions of the theory could accomplish on their own". That same year, André presented his paper, "The Muscles of Imagination" at the Harvard/ESSEC conference, "New Trends in Negotiation Training" held in Paris.

Long before taking up the lead at Virgin Atlantic in the Caribbean, André was devoted to customer service. He was certified by the Service Quality Institute to facilitate their package of service excellence programs, and has gone on to become a Net Promoter® Certified Associate. He has implemented the Net Promoter® System (NPS) in Virgin Atlantic's Caribbean operations, resulting in feedback scores that shatter industry standards.

André's two most recent pocket-guide publications "Speak and Slide. How to UNLEARN PowerPoint" and "Inventobook" reflect his view that business success is being driven more and more by creative and conceptual thinking, as well as a shift in communication that results in more meaningful and memorable messaging.

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